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Welcome to Element Custom Baits! Where you can find hand painted lures, featuring creative and original patterns, using only top quality components for unmatched durability.

Element Custom Baits Ice Fishing

The first thing that you should know about me is that I am colourblind. Growing up, I was artistic but always strayed from using colour in my work. I was scared I’d paint the sky purple and the grass orange.

After high school I quickly found myself addicted to fishing and fascinated that despite the wide range of baits in my arsenal, it seemed like I always had the wrong one. I felt compelled to combine my passion for musky fishing with my pursuit to find the “magic” lure, and hopefully catch the elusive giant I had been searching for. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that I don’t have the space or equipment to properly produce wooden musky baits, without engulfing my entire house in sawdust. 

On a whim, in 2018 I purchased a budget compressor and an airbrush, along with some lure blanks. I had decided I would face my fear of using colour. After playing around with the airbrush in my shop, I was hooked.  I was using my artistic gift and creating some really cool patterns. I have botched my fair share of paint jobs because I thought green was yellow, and purple was blue, but usually my wife can help me with my colour concerns before the mistakes are made.

Element Custom Baits has grown significantly since 2018 and I am so thankful for all of the support I have received. I am always proud to see a new picture of a giant walleye, pike, musky, bass, or really any other monster, who couldn’t resist one of my hand painted lures. I invest so much of myself into the process, and it is rewarding to see everyone’s success and enjoyment. I look forward to providing you all with creative, top quality products in the future.