Welcome to Element Custom Baits

“The Art of Catching Fish”
At Element Custom Baits, we don't just paint fishing lures. We make art. We strive for uniqueness, originality and quality.


Introducing the new Element Custom Baits Mugshot

A lipless crankbait designed and tuned specifically for Element Custom Baits. 

Now available in two sizes! The Mugshot 70 and the Mugshot 60.


Quality Materials

Element Custom Baits feature high quality paints and durable top coats, from the first layer of paint to the multiple layers of clearcoat protecting it.

Quality Components

Nobody likes flimsy hooks, or split rings that open up. Thats why we use some of the best hooks and split rings we can find- to ensure you land more fish.

Quality Craftsmanship

An eye for detail and a penchant for perfectionism. We stand behind our work and strive for total customer satisfaction.

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